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Antique & Classic Boat Society-Toronto

Membership Benefits

Scott Dunsmoor

The Antique & Classic Boat Society - Toronto:  What is this club all about? Great question! We tend to think it is about having fun with like-minded folk. The boats are the seeds that tie all of us together, but once the seed is planted, club membership grows into friendships and camaraderie. We have so many different people at different stages of their boating lives.

We have people just getting involved who are looking for a boat to work on, have a boat that they are starting to work on, or are looking for a boat to buy. Our club offers a wealth of information. The Winter Workshop and Spring Tour are perfect settings for the newcomers as each is an opportunity to discuss your plans with professional restorers and other more experienced members in a casual, interactive setting. The real fun begins at lunch at these events because this is the time that we meet and catch-up with friends new and old. Listening to the stories around the table is most often an education into the antique and classic boating lifestyle.

The Boat Show takes this interactive theme to another level. Did your family used to have an old Shepherd or Dippy - the owners of the boats at the dock are just as interested in your story as you will be about their story - every story is different and the same. The Boat Show's Field of Dreams is sometimes almost too much for a newcomer to manage. Boats for sale - what dreams are made of! Finally the newcomers jump at the opportunity to go for a ride and the Rendezvous that the club organize offer a great opportunity to buddy up with one of the members for the Summer Rendezvous at different lakes and venues or the Fall Colour Tour on Lake Muskoka. If there is room in the boat, then there is a seat with your name on it.

We are confident that if you have the bug for antique and classic boats, it will not take long for you to understand why we all enjoy the club so much. Just when you start to miss the boats and acquaintances we hit you with our secret weapon, the cure of all that ails you - our fabulous quarterly Classicboat magazine full of fantastic pictures and stories about boats, and people who love boats, which re-lights the fire within until next time that we all get together.

If you are not a member - give us a try. If you are a member - don't be shy - join in the fun, attend an event that you haven't in the past or volunteer at an event that you have previously enjoyed.

If you have any questions we are always here to help - give us a call or send us an email

ACBS - Toronto Membership

The Antique & Classic Boat Society - Toronto (ACBS - Toronto) exists to celebrate the beauty and the rich heritage of recreational boating in Ontario, Canada and around the world.

As a member, you well enjoy a full year of memorable outings, events, workshops, gatherings and shows with other enthusiasts just like you. ACBS - Toronto attracts a wide variety of members, from classic boat owners to builders to people who just simply appreciate these beautiful crafts and the craftsmanship that built them.

Read on to discover the fellowship, excitement and fun of being an ACBS - Toronto member.

Toronto International Boat Show (January)
The ACBS - Toronto exhibit is a highlight at the Toronto International boat show to promote the appreciation of vintage watercraft


Winter Workshop (February)

Meet boat design, construction and care experts, for a one day educational experience on the art and science of boat building and


Spring Tour (April)

Ever wonder what goes on into the restoration of a craft that has seen better days in an era gone by, to its former glory and splendour. The spring tour is where literally hundreds of members tour the restoration shops that bring these crafts back to life. One of our most popular events, members love meeting the artisans and craftsmen to share in stories and their mutual love of vintage boats.


Summer Boat Show (July)

Attend the largest annual in-water antique and classic boat show in Canada. Thousands of visitors attend the show at the new Muskoka wharf to experience, the diversity of booths from every boating Interest, field of dreams, i.e., boats for sale and restoration, the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Centre on the same site, along with the numerous summer time retail outlets. The summer boat show includes "Boats in Motion", a presentation were the in water boats can be seen motoring in the harbour. “Kid Zone“ where kids can get creative in the wooden boat theme. The day is narrated by experts in classic boats which adds to the interest in the program. The boat show offers fun and interest for all ages.


Rendezvous  (July/ August)

Participate in the summer rendezvous, where you can join up and travel for a day in classic craft, enjoying a small group as they visit locations enjoying local hospitality.


Classicboat (Quarterly)

Quarterly editions of the ACBS - Toronto club magazine Classicboat are sent to every member. Features include technical articles, ACBS news, full colour coverage of our many events, and a favourite of many events, and a favourite of many, classified by and sell section.


Membership Directory

Another vital benefit is the ACBS - Toronto membership Directory. Reach fellow members by viewing a listing of boats and owners and an opportunity to let the society know what boat(s) you may have.


Key Interest Groups 

The society has set up special interest groups for many of the individual boat makes (Marques) and boat related items so members can exchange information, parts, and historical data.


Ship Stores

From clothing to books and posters you ‘re sure to find that “ gotta have it” item. Available at club events  Members & Membership