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Antique & Classic Boat Society-Toronto


The Antique & Classic Boat Society - Toronto (ACBS - Toronto)




ACBS-Toronto is a member-driven, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. Volunteers are responsible for everything from running the business of the organization through the Board of Directors, creating our award-winning magazine, Classicboat, planning and implementing events, maintaining our website, accounting, and all other aspects. We exist to celebrate the beauty and the rich heritage of recreational boating in Ontario, Canada, and around the world. As a member you will enjoy a full year of memorable outings, events, workshops, gatherings, and shows with other enthusiasts just like you.

Our members collect wood, aluminum and classic fibreglass boats that represent our history and the boats we grew up with. ACBS-Toronto Members range from antique and classic boat owners to builders and people who simply appreciate these beautiful crafts. You don’t have to own a vintage boat to be a member.

In the 1950s and 1960s fiberglass boats became popular resulting in many wooden boats being either destroyed or put up in the boathouse and forgotten.  However, by the late 1970s, some boaters reconsidered their decision.  The sleek look, craftsmanship and overall the beauty of wood was calling to them.  There was new interest in the old wooden boats, particularly the lon deck launches, race boats and any other unique wooden boats.

In 1975, in the United States a new group of these boaters was formed. The Antique and Classic Boat Society was organized with chapter groups in several states.

The first Canadian chapter was in Manotick near Ottawa. Two friends, Ken MacStephen and Darragh Elliott, who owned wooden boats in the Toronto area, travelled to a boat show in Manotick in the summer of 1979 and as the saying goes…” the rest is history”.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society – Toronto was formed at its first meeting on December 6th, 1979 signing up 242 members within the year.

Since that time, the  ACBS-Toronto has become one of the largest and most active chapters on the continent. The first boat show was held on the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto on July 23rd, 1981 with 65 boats attending.  This annual event has continued each and every year since and is one of the highlights of the club with over 100 boats being shown each year. Over the last 40 years, hundreds of boats have been saved and restored by members of ACBS-Toronto capturing the rich heritage of early boat building in Ontario.  

This active club offers members many activities through the year and antique and classic boat owners share many memories of friends and boating adventures.  Join ACBS-Toronto today and celebrate the Boats and People!

Mission Statement


Our Purpose:  To protect, preserve, and promote our Canadian Heritage of Vintage Watercraft by

• Providing events and services which educate and inspire member and public appreciation and enjoyment of this heritage.

• Protecting and preserving vintage watercraft, related artifacts and information.

• Working with and supporting Non-profit organizations having links to our interest, events or venue communities.

• Providing services to our members, fostering fellowship, education, and resource information in our common interest.

• Increasing awareness of, appreciation of and participation in our Society.







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